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Faculty & Staff Directory


Barry Bickmore

S321 ESC
(801) 422-4680

Brooks Britt

Department Chair
Associate Professor
(801) 422-7316

Landon Burgener

Assistant Professor
S349 ESC

Greg Carling

S325 ESC
(801) 422-2622

Eric Christiansen

Adjunct Professor
S326 ESC
(801) 830-4495

Ron Harris

Geology Club Faculty Advisor
S317 ESC

Sam Hudson

Associate Professor
AAPG Student Chapter
Faculty Advisor
S337 ESC
(801) 422-4657

Bill Keach

Adjunct Professor
(801) 422-2961

Josh LeMonte

Assistant Professor
S341 ESC
(801) 422-7037

John McBride

Associate Chair
Graduate Coordinator
S387 ESC
(801) 422-5219

Steve Nelson

S336 ESC
(801) 422-8688

Jani Radebaugh

Undergraduate Coordinator
S383 ESC
(801) 422-9127

Kevin Rey

Assistant Research Professor
S329 ESC
(801) 422-5261

Scott Ritter

S371 ESC
C193 ESC
(801) 422-4239 / (801) 422-9260

Keryn Ross

Adjunct Professor
S335 ESC

Randy M. Skinner

S375 ESC
(801) 422-6083


Kevin Johnson

Communications & Media Manager

Rod Scheetz

Museum of Paleontology, Curator
140 MP
(801) 422-3940

Eric Tingey

Computer Systems Administrator
S385 ESC
Office: (801) 422-2340
Text: (385) 422-1909

Karla Ward

Business Manager/Travel Coordinator
Office and Program Manager
S389 C ESC
(801) 422-3919

Previous Faculty Members

James L. Baer

Taught from 1969-2001

Alvin K. Benson

Taught from 1986-2001

Myron G. Best

Taught from 1965-1998

Harold J. Bissell

Taught from 1938-1956

Willis H. Brimhall

Taught from 1955-1990

Kenneth C. Bullock

Taught from 1943-1983

Jess R. Bushman

Taught from 1955-1986

Fred E. Buss

Taught from 1920-1925

David L. Clark

Taught from 1959-1963

W. Elmo Coffman

Taught from 1930-1945

Arthur L. Crawford

Taught from 1926-1927

P. Eldon Dennis

Taught from 1935-1939

Michael J. Dorais

Taught from 2000-2021

Dana Griffen

Taught from 1979-2007

W. Ken Hamblin

Taught from 1963-1993

George H. Hansen

Taught from 1927-1954

Murray O. Hayes

Taught from 1922-1928

Josiah E. Hickman

Taught from 1905-1906

Bryant S. Hinckley

Taught from 1892-1895

Edwin S. Hinckley

Taught from 1895-1915

Lehi F. Hintze

Taught from 1955-1986

William H. Horner

Taught from 1906-1907

Edmund P. Hyatt

Taught from 1950-1956

Emil B. Isgreen

Taught from 1890-1892

Charles E. Jacob

Taught from 1953-1955

Clarence S. Jarvis

Taught from 1907-1909

Joseph B. Keeler

Taught from 1888-1890

Jeffrey D. Keith

Taught from 1990-2020

Bart J. Kowallis

Taught from 1984-2017

R. Celdon Lewis

Taught from 1953-1957

Matthew A. Mabey

Taught from 1996-2003

Karl G. Maeser

Taught from 1879-1880

Alan L. Mayo

Taught from 1987-2012

Wade E. Miller

Taught from 1971-2002

Thomas H. Morris

Taught from 1990-2018

R. Paul Nixon

Taught in 1989-2001

Morris S. Peterson

Taught from 1966-1998

W. Revell Phillips

Taught from 1957-1994

Paul Dean Proctor

Taught from 1947-1953; 1983-1999

J. Keith Rigby

Taught from 1953-1991

Summer Rupper

Taught from 2007-2015

James E. Talmage

Taught from 1880-1888

Caleb Tanner

Taught from 1901-1904

Dave Tingey

Taught from 1986 to 2022

Chester Van Buren

Taught from 1907-1908

Mont M. Warner

Taught from 1959-1969

John A. Watts

Taught from 1925-1926