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Jani Radebaugh picture

Jani Radebaugh

Professor - Undergraduate Coordinator

Office: S-383 ESC

Meet Professor Jani Radebaugh

Research Interests

As a planetary scientist I work on Earth and other planets throughout the solar system. My research focuses Saturn's moon Titan, Jupiter's moon Io, Pluto, Mars and the Moon.

The Cassini spacecraft completed its mission at the Saturn system in 2017 and discovered many fundamental, new things about its largest moon TIitan. As an Associate Team Member of the Cassini Radar Science Team, I continue to work with scientists to understand the surface processes on Titan that form such features as dunes, mountains, lakes, rivers, and cryovolcanoes.

The Dragonfly mission is the next New Frontiers mission selected by NASA, a quadcopter-like rotorcraft lander for the surface of Titan! It will land in the dune regions and traverse to an impact crater, analyzing the materials and landscapes along the way. I am a Science Team member and am so excited to spend the next few decades on this mission.

Io is the most volcanically active world in the solar system. The Io Volcano Observer (IVO) proposal was a Discovery mission finalist, and I am on the science team. My students and I study active volcanoes on Io, specifically the distribution and thermal output of volcanic eruptions from Galileo and Cassini images. We also study the formation and distribution of Io's surface features, such as paterae (volcano-tectonic depressions), hotspots, and tectonic features.

The New Horizons mission explored Pluto in 2015 and revealed a diverse and active surface. With the New Horizons team, we discovered dunes of methane sand on the nitrogen ice glacier, evidence that wind blows on Pluto.

To better understand all of these solar system geological features, my research group travels to unique locations on the Earth that serve as analogues for other planets. We have studied megadunes in the Sahara, Arabia, and Namibia and lava lakes and lava flows in Hawaii, Ethiopia, and Vanuatu.

Pictures from our field studies can be found at:

Students in the desert doing research


  • Geology 101: Introductory Geology
  • Geology 109: Geology of the Solar System - including BYU Online version
  • Physical Science 100: Intro Science for nonmajors
  • Geology 410: Geology Field Camp
  • Geology 411: Geomorphology
  • Geology 440: Geophysics
  • Geology 490R/590R: Planetary Geology Seminar
  • Geology 490R/590R: Hamblin Global Geology Field Studies
  • Geology 601: Planet Earth


I am a science expert featured on the Science Channel's "How the Universe Works" series and I have also been in the Science Channel's NASA's Unexplained Files and on the BBC's Nova series.

I am a regular presenter at the Spacefest convention, which features astronauts, including Apollo astronauts.

Several outreach media pieces I have been involved with are below.

Stunning images of Iceland volcano captured by BYU geology professor
A Thing of Beauty- Jani Radebaugh Explores Space Sands and NASA’s Dragonfly Mission to Titan.mp4
Exploration for Discovery | Jani Radebaugh | TEDxBYU.mp4
BYU Research on Titan, Saturn's Moon .mp4
Our Sacred Stewardship.mp4


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Research Awards and Grants

  • 5/2020-21 NASA Habitable Worlds, Shannon MacKenzie PI, $2,000
    • Dune field work
  • 4/2020-21 NASA Spacegrant Higher Education Minigrant, $11,459
    • Sand on Titan and field analogues
  • 2/2020 BYU College FAST Grant (fostering mentoring environments), $24,050,
    • Carbon planet habitability and Tanzania
  • 9/2019-38 NASA Dragonfly New Frontiers mission team member, $1,789,706
    • A Rotorcraft lander for the surface of Titan, JHUAPL
  • 9/2018-22 NASA Mapping and Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure, $192,297
    • Cooperative agreement, for efforts related to establishing a PSDI and Roadmap for PSDI to NASA,
  • 9/2018-21 NASA Solar System Workings program $232,166
    • Solar System Yardangs, Laura Kerber of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory as PI
  • 4/2017 NASA Space Grant Consortium Infrastructure, Winds on Planetary Surfaces from Dunes and Yardangs, $9,132
  • 6/2015 NASA Space Grant Consortium Fellowship, Formation of Paterae on Io, $3,000 to student Alex Ahern
  • 9/2014-17 NASA Outer Planets Research Program, $19,215 Co-I total
    • Regional Geologic Mapping of Titan, David Williams ASU PI
  • 6/2013 NASA Space Grant Consortium Fellowship, $3,000 to student Alex Ahern
    • Formation of Paterae on Io
  • 11/2012-13 BYU Mentored Environment Grant program, $19,900 total
    • A Tectonic Origin for Mountains on Saturn’s Moon Titan
  • 6/2012-15 NASA Outer Planets Research program, $335,322 total 3-year budget,
    • Winds, climate and organic inventory from dunes on Titan
  • 4/2012-13 BYU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences grant, $5,000 total,
    • Building a model for patera formation on Io
  • 9/2009-12 NASA Outer Planets Research program, $232,594 total 3-year budget,
    • Dunes on Titan: Dune properties, global winds, and climate
  • 1/2010-12 BYU Mentored Environment Grant program, $20,000 total
    • Surface features of Jupiter’s moon Io as an expression of subsurface processes
  • 6/2008-11 NASA Cassini Data Analysis program, $103,829 total 2-year budget
    • Temperatures and Eruption Styles of Io’s Volcanoes from Cassini Images
  • 2/2008-10 BYU Mentored Environment Grant program, $16,000 total,
    • Morphologies and evolution of dunes from Cassini Radar