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Landon Burgener Portrait

Landon Burgener

Assistant Professor

Office: S349 ESC


· 2018 Ph.D., University of Washington
· 2012 M.S., Brigham Young University
· 2010 B.S., Brigham Young University


My research is focused on reconstructing Earth’s climate system during ancient greenhouse periods—times of prolonged warmth and elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations. My interest in these warm phases in Earth’s history stems from their role as natural laboratories that provide insight into the operation of the climate system under extreme conditions and serve as crucial analogs for future anthropogenic climate change scenarios.

Currently, I am working on three major research themes:

1. Quantitative reconstruction of terrestrial paleoclimate conditions at high spatial and temporal resolution using innovative geostatistical analysis techniques
2. Local and regional reconstructions of Cretaceous paleotemperatures and paleohydrology using paleosol-based climate proxies
3. Studies of modern soil carbonate stable and clumped isotope compositions in order to improve their use as a paleoclimate proxy.

A strong focus in all my research is the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) tools and methodologies.

Geology and paleoclimatology are fascinating subjects, and I am always excited to include more students in my research projects. Please reach out if you are interested in learning more!


*For publications, see link to my Google Scholar profile above

Current Graduate Students

· Carina Kentish – MS, 2023 – Present
Thesis: Low-latitude climate conditions during the Early Cretaceous greenhouse


· Geology 101: Introduction to Geology
· Geology 108: Climate and the Earth System
· Geology 420: Field Camp
· Geology 490: Intermediate GIS
· Geology 546: Low-Temperature Isotope Geochemistry
· Geology 606: Paleoclimatology