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Greg Carling

Associate Professor

Office: S-325 ESC


2012 Ph.D., Geology, University of Utah, advisor: W.P. Johnson

2007 M.S., Geology, Brigham Young University, advisor: A.L. Mayo

2005 B.S., Geology, Brigham Young University

2001 A.S., Adams State College


Introduction to Geology (Geol 101)

Geological Communications (Geol 230)

Geological Field Methods (Geol 420)

Groundwater (Geol 435)

Contaminant Hydrogeology (Geol 535)

Advanced Hydrogeology (Geol 635)

Hydrogeochemistry (Geol 636)


My research seeks to understand the processes that affect trace element and nutrient cycling in the hydrologic system. Current projects include:

1) water chemistry in alpine watersheds

2) phosphorus fluxes from sediments in shallow lakes

3) mercury and other trace metals in glacial meltwater

4) mineral dust emissions and deposition



How are local dry lakes impacting air quality and human health?

January 06, 2022 02:34 PM
New study reveals that 90 percent of urban dust comes from dry lakebeds
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External Research Funding

Carling, G.T., 7/2020-25, NSF Critical Zone Thematic Cluster: $888,941 (5.2M total including other universities). “Collaborative Research: Network Cluster: Dust in the Critical Zone from the Great Basin to the Rocky Mountains”

Carling, G.T., 7/2019-21, State of Utah DAQ: $150,000. “Characterizing air quality impacts from exceptional events along the Wasatch Front”

Carling, G.T., 8/2019-20, Tintic Consolidated Metals: $49,562. “Water chemistry of springs and seeps in the Tintic mining area”

Carling, G.T., 8/2019-20, State of Utah DWQ: $21,000 ($75,735 including Univ. of Utah). “Utah Lake sediment—water nutrient interactions” (PI Ramesh Goel, Univ. of Utah)

Carling, G.T., Aanderud, Z.T., Nelson, S.T., Fernandez, D.P., 7/2015-19, NSF Hydrologic Sciences: $269,796. "Collaborative Research: Investigation of the fate and transport of dust-borne trace metals and solutes during snowmelt"

Carling, G.T., 5/2018-19, South Davis Sewer District: $30,300. "Characterizing nutrient fluxes and Fe-P dynamics in Utah Lake sediment"

Carling, G.T., 7/2017-18, State of Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands: $29,770. "Understanding environmental impacts of Great Salt Lake dust: Using isotopic “fingerprints” to determine dust sources and quantifying changes in trace metal concentrations from source to deposition"

Carling, G.T., 8/2015-17, South Davis Sewer District: $56,638. "Characterizing phosphorus mineralogy, chemistry, and speciation in Utah Lake sediments"

Carling, G.T., 7/2015-16, State of Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands: $39,717. "Characterizing harmful effects of dust emissions from the dry lakebed of Great Salt Lake relative to other regional dust sources"

Carling, G.T., 9/2014-15, Utah Geological Survey: $24,472. "Groundwater resources in Goshen Valley, Utah: Assessing water quality impacts from agriculture, legacy mining, playa soils, septic tanks, and geothermal waters"


2020 BYU Department of Geological Sciences J. Keith Rigby Outstanding Research Award

2019 BYU College of Physical & Mathematical Sciences Young Scholar Award

2016 BYU Department of Geological Sciences J. Keith Rigby Outstanding Research Award

2015 BYU Department of Geological Sciences Myron G. Best Outstanding Teaching Award



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*Denotes student author