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Explore Your World

Choose a major that puts the adventure back in your education. Meet with an advisor today to switch your major.

Hands on learning isn't a myth, if you choose the right major

Even if you aren't a geology major, please join us on our next field. Come find your tribe of likeminded people who love the outdoors.
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"As a geology major, I love that I have been able to spend the past three years learning about and exploring the world around me. I am constantly in awe of the amazing people that I get to work with. I am especially grateful for the opportunities that I have had to conduct original research focused on the glacial watersheds that I grew up loving, near my home in Alaska."
Miaja Coombs - Undergraduate Student
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Don't pick a major. Choose a lifestyle.

Let our faculty show you how geology is the perfect fit for your education and career.
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"The BYU geology program has enabled me to pursue my lifelong dream of being a paleontologist! I have also learned more about what makes Utah so unique and the amazing landmarks in our own backyard."
Carter McClellan - Undergraduate Student
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Don't trap your education within four walls

Being stuck inside is by yourself is no fun. Why settle for textbooks when you can visit geological wonders with friends? Don't waste your education.
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"My time in the geology program has opened my eyes to the world around me. I love learning about how the mountains are formed, how the landscapes around us change, and how water moves from one place to another. Being in geology has given me a hands-on experience in research and has allowed me to appreciate the beautiful earth that God has created for us."
Kendra Caskey - Graduate Student
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How to switch to Geology

1. Meet with an advisor.
2. Discover how your interests can become your future.
3. Start adventuring.
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"I have always been STEM-oriented, and when I took my first geology class, I was impressed that geology was able to combine the beauty and complexity of our earth. My subsequent experience in the program has been fun and deeply satisfying, and there are a variety of rock-solid career opportunities (pun intended) for geoscientists that I look forward to. It was the perfect major for me and could be for you too!"
Aaron Chipman - Undergraduate Student
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BYU Geology

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"Geology, what a fantastic department. Supportive professors. Great inside Quiplash jokes. Amazing fieldwork to remote and non-remote locations. Multiple methodologies for learning. Significant resources and preparation for the working world."
Kate Smith - Undergraduate Student
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