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Geology Club and AAPG

Geology Club

Faculty Advisor

Ron Harris

Geology Club Presidency

Carter McClellan

Mindy Nelson
Jacob Frewin
Kate Smith

Scouting and Elementary School Field Trip Information

As a volunteer service, members of the Geology Club offer their time to grade schools, Boy Scouts, and other groups for instructive tours of Rock Canyon or of our on-campus facilities in the Eyring Science Center. The ability to perform these services is based on each student's individual workload and available time. Not all dates and times can be accommodated. Contact a member of the club presidency in order to schedule a date.

Please call (801) 422-2082 and ask for a member of the Geology Club Presidency.

AAPG Student Chapter

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About AAPG

Since its founding in 1917, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists has been a pillar of the worldwide scientific community. The original purpose of AAPG, to foster scientific research, to advance the science of geology, to promote technology, and to inspire high professional conduct, still guides the Association today.

AAPG provides publications, conferences, and educational opportunities to geoscientists and disseminates the most current geological information available to the general public.

Faculty Advisor

Sam Hudson

AAPG Chapter Presidency

Ted Morgan

Vice President
Tanner Nielsen

Emma Morrison

Karina Kentish