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Spotlight - Chris Perfili Won the Runge Award

Congratulations to Chris Perfili for winning the Runge Award for "the best student presentation" and representing the Geology Department!

"The Runge Award is sponsored by the Wyoming Geological Association in memory of John S. Runge. It was established in 1975 and recognizes professional and scientific excellence in student papers."

While interviewing Chris, he mentioned that "this was a side-project that I happened upon with Dr. Ritter while looking at the data for my thesis. I had some curiosity about a new element to my project that had not been well-described in academic literature. Dr. Ritter and I pulled some extra core samples and did extra work because we were interested in the science. We collaborated with others including, BYU Alumni Bob Lindsay, Tom Chidsey, and Peter Nielsen, who gave me excellent insights and direction. Along with Dr. Ritter, their observations and experience enhanced the quality of the work."

After receiving this award, Chris said, "I am very flattered to have received this recognition. I worked hard on this research without the knowledge that there was an award--I just wanted to answer a question. I am grateful to everyone who helped me with this project. I would not have received this honor without their shared knowledge."