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Great Britain 2023


Day 1. Travel to Edinburgh (Sunday, Apr. 30)

  • James Hutton sites
  • Salisbury Crags
  • Edinburgh Castle

Hotel: Edinburgh

Day 2. Edinburgh (Monday, May 1)

  • Royal Mile
  • Siccar Point

Hotel: Edinburgh

Day 3. Siccar Point and Travel Day (Tuesday, May 2)

  • Bus trip to Cambridge

Hotel: Cambridge

Day 4. Cambridge (Wednesday, May 3)

  • Christ's College
  • Sedgwick Museum
  • Wren Library
  • Polar Institute
  • Drive to Dudly via St. Peters in Northampton

Hotel: Dudley

Day 5. Dudley to Shrewsbury (Thursday, May 4)

  • Dudley Canal and Underground
  • Drive to Shrewsbury
  • Walking tour of Darwin sites in Shrewsbury
    • The Mount
    • Rev. Butler's School
    • St. Chads
    • Unitarian Church
    • The Bell Stone

Hotel: Shrewsbury

Day 6. Shrewsbury to Bath via Ludlow, great Malvern, Stow-on-the-World (Friday, May 5)

  • Ludlow Bone Bed
  • Ludlow Museum
  • Type Silurian in Mortimer Forest
  • Onny Brook
  • Malvern walking tour
    • Dr. Gully's Hospital where Darwin received water treatments and where he took 10-year-old Annie to receive treatment from bilious fever (and where she died)
    • Priory Church where Annie Darwin is buried
    • Geology of the Malvern Hills (Precambrian outlier)
  • Stow-on-the-World
  • Arrive late in Bath

Hotel: Bath

Day 7. William Smith sites in around Bath (Saturday, May 6)

  • Swan Inn Dunkerton
  • Tucking Mill House
  • Somerset Coal Canal (Monckton Combe)
  • Bloomfield Crescent
  • Radstock Coal Mining and Canal Museum
  • High Littleton and Rugbourne Farm (Mearns Colliery if time permits)
  • Great Pulteney Street (#29, home of Joseph Townsend)
  • John and Caroline Herschel museum
  • Corner of Trim Bridge and Trim Street (shop of Smith and Cruse, Surveyors)
  • Roman baths?

Hotel: Bath

Day 8. Lyme Regis (Sunday, May 7)

  • Drive to Lyme Regis
  • The Cobb
  • Blue Lias strata and fossils, Pinhay Bay
  • St. Michaels Church (Mary Anning stained glass window, Mary Anning grave)
  • Cockmoile Square and Philpot Museum
  • Fossil Shoppe/Fish and Chips Store
  • Three Cups Inn

Hotel: Beer

Day 9. To London via Downe (Monday, May 8)

  • Stonehenge
  • Down House International Heritage Site
  • Site of the 1852 Great Exhibition and Dinosaurs (Sydenham, SE London)


Day 10. (Tuesday, May 9)

  • Geological Society of London
  • William Smith sites
  • Darwin sites
  • Murchison home at Belgravia
  • Westminster (burial site of Darwin, Lyell, Newton, etc.)
  • British Natural History Museum

Hotel: London

Day 11. (Wednesday, May 10)

  • Travel homeward