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Welcome to Rock Canyon

You are about to visit one of the best kept secrets in Utah. Rock Canyon has been known for years by geologists and rock climbers as one of the best sites in the state. With improvements near the mouth of the canyon that have taken place in the mid 90's, many more people are beginning to experience the natural beauty of Rock Canyon.


Geology is the focal point of this beautiful canyon. Please respect the canyon’s natural beauty and minimize human impact by adhering to regulations, and by hiking on designed paths. Please be careful not to litter; remember, what you take in, you must also take out. The mouth of Rock Canyon, including the pavilion, restroom, and parking lot is owned by the city of Provo. The amphitheater is available to the public for special programs or outdoor classroom use. The remainder of the canyon lies within the Uintah National Forest and is under the jurisdiction of the Pleasant Grove Ranger District. If you have any questions about the pavilion and park area please contact the Provo City Parks and Recreation Department at (801) 379-6600. For questions regarding the canyon please contact the National Forest Service at (801) 785-3563.