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Ted Morgan


Ted Morgan is one of our undergraduate students here at the BYU Department of Geological Sciences. While growing up in Nebraska and Maryland, he loved to spend his time camping, hiking, and exploring the outdoors.

Ted started as an Engineering major here at BYU. He wanted to study certain scientific principles and how the world worked. After looking into BYU’s geology department, he realized that geology is very similar to engineering when it comes to problem solving and real-world application. As a kid, Ted, loved to study rocks and after taking an introductory geology class, He knew that geology was the course of study he had been looking for.

“All rocks tell stories and the more that you learn about geology, the more fascinating those stories become.” Ted loves sedimentology and stratigraphy because he’s able to read the stories of earth’s history through analyzing geological layers or formations. By simply looking at the face of a mountain or cliff, Ted and other geologists can decipher the mysteries of what our world used to look like and the spectacular processes that formed it. Ted plans to continue to study sedimentology and pursue a career in the Oil and Fossil Fuels industry.

To students who may be on the fence about studying Geology, Ted has said,” Just jump off the fence already! Seriously, geology is the perfect major if you like science, problem solving and being outside. You get a healthy mix of physics, chemistry, and biology, all applied to something that interests you. The subdisciplines of geology are numerous and very diverse, so there is something for everyone. You will love it!”