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Taylor Oswald

Taylor Oswald

Taylor Oswald is a senior in the Department of Geological Science from Albion, Michigan. Taylor’s life revolves around dinosaurs! He has loved them throughout his childhood, and if it was possible to be born loving dinosaurs he probably was. He enjoys reading dinosaur literature, visiting paleontology museums, and watching every dinosaur movie there is!

He currently works as a lab technician at BYU’s Museum of Paleontology. He does fossil prep work, helps content for their social media accounts, and gives museum tours! Taylor is currently researching a Camptosaurus with Dr. Scheetz. The Camptosaurus is a medium-sized herbivore from the late Jurassic period, and they are currently writing a description of the dinosaur. He thinks it is cool that hardly any people have touched the Camptosaurus, but he gets to “man handle it.” They are working with a pretty complete skeleton, but Taylor mainly focuses on the limb bones' description.

After he graduates, Taylor is planning to pursue a Ph.D. in paleontology and would love to become a curator at a Museum or teach at a university. If possible, he would love to return to BYU as a professor.

Taylor thinks that everyone who likes nature has a place in the geology program! He encourages everyone to remember that we all live on a planet made of rocks, and those rocks have history. So if you are interested in natural sciences, geology has something for you!