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Sydney Richards

Student Spotlight Sydney Richards

Sydney is a first-year graduate student in the Department of Geological Sciences at BYU. Her research uses ground penetrating radar to understand carbonate beach depositional systems as they apply to petroleum reservoir research. She is learning how to apply this knowledge to petroleum exploration. After Sydney graduates, she wants to work in the oil industry as a petroleum geologist focusing on exploration.

When Sydney isn’t shooting GPR she can be found on hockey rinks across Utah. She plays defense on two different hockey teams, the Fainting Goats, and the Valkyries. Her favorite hockey teams are the Colorado Avalanche and of course the BYU hockey team. She is a frequent flier in the penalty box but you’d never guess it because when she isn’t dressed in hockey pads you’ll find her sporting a Gucci belt and Doc Martens.

Geology is a major factor in Sydney's relationship with God and her understanding of the Gospel. “The Savior is likened to a rock all throughout scripture,” says Sydney. “By understanding the intricacies and development of the earth we can better understand how God has even more intricate details planned for our own lives and progression.” Geology has helped Sydney understand how God works in her life and she encourages everyone to take a walk outside and see God's influence in the world around them.