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Shayna Orme

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Shayna Orme is an undergraduate student here at the BYU Department of Geological Sciences. Since the age of ten she has loved studying geology. While spending her time in the mountains of New Mexico and Utah, she loves to hunt for gemstones and other fascinating minerals. From a young age, she attended as many rock shows and geology clubs as possible. Her love and fascination of geology has continued while attending BYU. Her studies focus primarily on disaster mitigation and seismology. As a seismologist, Shayna’s role is studying the patterns of earthquakes and similar disasters, in order to decrease the risk of danger when a natural disaster strikes. Through in-field studies and analysis of geological samples, Seismologists trace the magnitude, nature, and effects of earthquakes. Shayna is using her love of geology to help others and save lives. To those who are deciding whether or not to pursue a career in geology she said, “If you’re considering it, GO FOR IT! We often assume that being a geologist means that your either work at a museum or teach science, but in reality, geology opens the doors to some incredible career opportunities. The BYU geology department is the greatest department on campus. Through the program’s field trips and hands-on learning experiences, you will come to love the world around you.”