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Rock Canyon Recreation


Rock Canyon Campground sits at an elevation of 6,950 feet above sea level. The campground can be accessed via Rock Canyon trail which ascends from an elevation of 5,100 feet up to the campground which is located at almost 7,000 feet.. The campground may also be accessed via Squaw Peak Road. This road is paved for 4.6 miles and unpaved for 5 miles. It has four group sites with a total capacity of 225 people. Facilities include fire pits, restrooms, picnic tables, and drinking water. The campground is operated by the U.S. Forest Service. Camping is allowed in designated sites only. If you are planning on camping, please remember to take care of the camp site before you leave. Group site camping reservations for the 45 and 90 person limit sites can be made through SNL Services at 1-800-280-2267. Reservations are taken beginning June 30th, and must be made at least five days in advance. The maximum stay is 14 days for all group sites. The 45 person capacity site is $48.99/day. The 90 person capacity site is $97.99/day. Both sites require a $16.50 reservation fee at the time of reservation.


As stated above, the males of the deer family have antlers. Deer and elk are coveted for their meat and their beautiful rack of antlers. Because Rock Canyon is located so close to the city limits, and due to the large numbers of deer and elk located in the canyon and neighboring canyons, Rock Canyon might seem the ideal place to hunt. However, The Forest Service has placed strict guidelines on hunting in the canyon.

  1. Hunting is permitted only on land that is outside the boundaries of the Provo city limits.
  2. All hunting must occur at least 600 feet away from any building, livestock, or private property.
  3. The Forest Service regulates when and where hunting shall occur. Currently, hunting is permitted above the Rock Canyon campgrounds and with a permit only.

Hiking and Rock Climbing

Hiking in Rock Canyon is one of the best kept secrets in Utah. The trail to the Rock Canyon Campgrounds is exhilarating.
Rock climbing in Rock canyon is second to none! Climbers of all abilities swarm to the limestone and quartzite walls. Climbing in Rock Canyon can be a year-round pursuit, but the best months to climb are between June and October. These months offer the most stable weather and the driest rock. Needless to say, rock climbing is a very dangerous sport, use the utmost precautions when climbing. Extensive information on climbs and difficulties, can be found in the book, Climber’s Guide To American Fork Canyon Rock canyon, by Stuart and Bret Ruckman. This can be purchased at any of the local Rock shops.

Preserving the Canyon

Rock Canyon is enjoyed by thousands of local residents and visitors each year. However, each of us must take care if it is to be enjoyed in the future. Please take time to become familiar with the regulations, and stay on the trail whenever possible. If camping, remember to build fires in designated fire pits only. Hunters must contact the Utah division of Wildlife Resources for regulations on hunting throughout the canyon. They can be reached at (801) 491-5678. It is hoped that you truly enjoy your experience in Rock Canyon whether it be hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, walking, jogging, mountain biking, camping, spelunking, rock climbing, rock hounding, bird watching, mountain climbing, fossil collecting, or just enjoying nature.