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Raechel Hunsaker

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For today’s student spotlight, we’d like to introduce Raechel Hunsaker.
Raechel was born and raised in Orem, Utah. An important part of her life growing up were the road trips, hiking, and outdoor adventures she went on with her family and friends. Whether they were driving through canyons, scaling mountain cliffs, or rockhounding, her dad would teach her all bout the underlying geology of the landscape around them. This sparked her desire to study geology and to study the fascinating processes of the earth.
During her studies, she loves to analyze the rocks, strata, and geological formations that surround her and interpret what those formations represent. Out of stones and fossils, Raechel like other geologist can reimagine what our world looked like millions of years ago. She also attributes her greatest experiences in geology to the fieldtrips and outdoor research that she’s been able to conduct here at BYU. Raechel plans on working as a naturalist in the National Parks System. She specifically wants to work as an environmental educator and team up with outreach programs like museums. She loves the Nature and Geology and wants to teach others about the Natural world and Geology has helped her prepare for a life of teaching and service.
Raechel is a Geology minor and to those considering studying geology, she says,
“If anyone is considering a Geology minor, I would say to go for it! It really gives an extra appreciation for the incredible world around us and has some amazing opportunities for field trips and classes with great professors.”