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Rachel Hansen

Student Spotlight Rachel Hansen

Rachel is an Earth and Space Science Education major in the Department of Geological Sciences. The only thing she loves more than geology is her dog, Bandit, and her husband Ben. She likes “nerding it" out in her free time, with things like family history, crocheting, analyzing film, and astronomy.

In high school Rachel had a really amazing earth science teacher, so she decided to take a geology course from him as well. On her mission in Wichita Kansas, she realized that she loved teaching, so the Earth and Space Science Education major seemed like the perfect fit when she got home. Next year she will have an internship teaching earth systems at Cedar Valley High School!

She loves the Department of Geological Sciences because of all the variety of experiences, education topics, and how hands-on it is. Geology isn’t just conceptual, you have the opportunity to see and observe it. She also loves the professors in the department.

If she could suggest any geology classes, Rachel would recommend Dinosaurs and Geology of the Planets!