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Michael Holland

Michael Holland Picture.jpg

Today’s student Spotlight features Michael Holland, a geology Minor from Falls Church, Virginia. Michael chose geology as a minor as a result of working with Dr. Jani Radebaugh on planetary Satellite Imagery. Through studying geology, he has gained a better appreciation for the earth and the planets/moons in the solar system and has learned how geomorphology and landscapes can help him create new algorithms in order to make new discoveries in planetary sciences. After Graduation, Michael plans on obtaining a Hybrid Master's in Computer Sciences and Planetary Science and building new tools for astronomers and geologists to study more about our planets and the other planets of our solar system. After His Masters, Michael plans on getting a Ph.D. in either Astrostatistics or Planetary Science and later teaching at a university. Concerning whether or not to study Geology, Michael says to go for it, “You get to go on so many adventures!”

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