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Michael Gerken

Student Spotlight Michael Gerken

Michael Gerken is a freshman in the Department of Geological Sciences! He just got back from serving his mission in India! He enjoys anything to do with being outside, from hiking to camping.

Growing up, Michael was always interested in rocks and would pick them up because he thought they were cool. His father also owns a granite company, so he grew up around lots of marble and granite. He was fascinated by these things so he decided to study them, and see where it goes from there!

He enjoys being a geology major because he likes to learn about the process of how the Earth formed! Michael thinks people should give geology a chance because basically everything around us is a major formation of the Earth! We all take pictures of sunsets, rock formations, etc and those are examples of geology. If you take geology classes, you are able to learn what is going on behind the aesthetic pictures you take.