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Madison Ramos

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Madison is a geology student here at BYU studying Geotechnical engineering. Born in Hawaii, Madison later grew up on the east coast. After taking an energy systems and groundwater class and participating in field work, Madison realized that she was meant to study geology. Her future plans involve studying geotechnical engineering. When asked why students should study geology, she had this to say,
“I encourage you to examine your own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the type of work you may be doing day to day and make sure the realties of your job align with your personal goals. Try out a geology class that sounds interesting to you and potentially fulfill one of your GE’s like planetary geology if needed. Get involved in the geology club or field trips. They are not only fun but can be very informative as well. Reach out to your fellow geology students or professors if you have questions- I’ve found people to be overall very friendly and supportive!”
Thanks Madison! We loved getting to know you.