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Logan Peatross

Logan Capture.png

We’d like to introduce Logan Peatross for today’s student spotlight. Logan is an undergraduate here at the BYU Department of Geological Sciences. He was born in Provo, Utah. In his free time, he loves to be outdoors while rock climbing, canyoneering, and exploring caverns. His love of the outdoors was one of the main reasons he decided to study geology. One of his favorite parts of geology is looking at the surface of the earth and reading its geological story. Buried within the strata of the earth is the detailed history of how our earth became what it is today. After he graduates, he hopes to work as an economic geologist. An economic geologist helps companies find precious resources buried in the earth’s crust, such as petroleum, lithium, or copper. To anyone looking to study geology, he says, “Earth is an amazing place! It’s super fun to learn about its creation and history while enjoying being part of it.”