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Kendra Caskey

Student Spotlight Kendra Caskey

Kendra is a Senior in the Department of Geological Sciences. She enjoys playing the piano and violin, reading, and swimming! She also likes making jewelry out of the gems she finds!

Her friend once told her that she should take a Geology class, and she's been hooked ever since! She enjoyed the class, the topics, and liked being outside. Geology was the perfect fit so she changed her major.

She is currently working with Dr. Carling. She enjoys doing fieldwork around Provo River where she analyzes for trace metals. Research like this keeps her in Geology. Kendra is considering studying hydrogeology for her master's.

She thinks everyone should at least take one Geology class while in college because they are fun, and get you outside. It isn't as cookie-cutter as people think because it uses chemistry and physics. Geology shows how the world works and gives people a greater appreciation for it.