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Hannah Wehrmeister

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Hannah Wehrmeister is an undergraduate student in the Department of Geological Sciences from Columbia, Maryland. Her absolute favorite thing to do in her free time is rock climbing. If she can't climb, she loves to hike and camp instead. Sometimes she brings her dog Remy along for her adventures.

She chose to major in geology because it combines her love for math, science, and the outdoors. When Hannah first came to BYU, she was studying mathematics. She took GEO 101 to fulfill her physical science credit. It quickly became her favorite class that semester and she realized she could major in geology if she wanted to. She looked into the program and saw that it had science and math and that she would be able to go outside to learn about the world around her. So she changed her major and never looked back. After she graduates she plans to go to graduate school to continue her education. She loves to research and would love to earn a PhD and work at a university to research and possibly teach.

One of the things Hannah loves most about geology is how it helps her gain a greater appreciation for the earth. The world has billions of years of complex history where the lands, oceans, atmosphere, and life are constantly changing. Geology allows her to study both the bigger picture among these processes and the small-scale mechanisms. She enjoys how research can range from studying a single stream and all of its properties to a major watershed that covers multiple countries. Studying geology has made her realize that we have been given an amazing world with so much to discover.

"If you are on the fence about changing to geology, DON’T BE. Not only do you learn about the earth, but you’ll get to spend time outside to apply your learning in the field. There are so many opportunities to travel and perform research outside of classes too. Geology is seriously the best major on campus."