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Cheyenne Pratt

Cheyenne Pratt
Photo by Benjamin Lake

Cheyenne Pratt is a Masters Student in the Department of Geological Sciences at BYU from Bear Lake, Idaho. She enjoys hiking, rock climbing, backcountry skiing, spelunking, etc. If there is an activity to do outside most likely she is there. Only ask her for hiking recommendations though if you want to see cool rocks, she won't necessarily give you the most accessible trails.

When she was sixteen Cheyenne started working at a cave in the Bear Lake area. She didn't know a ton about geology, but over time she learned more about the fossils and geology of the area and started to enjoy learning about the subject. She wasn't sure if she wanted to major in geology at the beginning of her undergraduate career, but after taking How to Build a Habitable Planet which taught all about how the Earth was formed she knew that geology was the best major for her. Cheyenne said that it was the, "Best decision besides getting married."

After graduating Cheyenne hopes to teach geology. She would love to end up teaching at a community college but also wants to live rurally so most likely she will end up teaching geology in a high school.

You should become a geology major because geology is the pinnacle of all science. It includes biology with the study of ancient life, chemistry processing minerals, and it studies physics with how the earth moves and earthquakes. Being a geology major is very fulfilling because anywhere you go you can interpret the landscape and understand the process of how it formed. It makes traveling a lot more fun.