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Canyon Information

Rock Canyon is located in the Wasatch Mountains in north-central Utah. The city of Provo lies just to the west of the canyon. The canyon is very popular due to its unique geology, excellent rock climbing, and scenic hikes.

Motor vehicles are not allowed on any of the canyon’s pathways. However, the canyon can be accessed by motor vehicle via Squaw Peak Road which begins in Provo Canyon and continues to the Rock Canyon Campgrounds, and ends in Hobble Creek Canyon to the south. The campground is located 9.6 miles south of Highway 189. The first 4.6 miles of Squaw Peak Road are paved, the remaining 5 miles to the campground are rough dirt road. Four wheel drive vehicles are recommended on Squaw Peak Road beyond the pavement. The road is closed during the winter. An overlook into Rock Canyon overlook is located on Squaw Peak Road, approximately 8 miles south of Highway 189. Beyond the overlook, Squaw Peak Road continues for an additional 16.2 miles to the county road in Hobble Creek canyon.