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Brad Taylor

Brad Taylor

Brad Taylor is a sophomore in the Department of Geological Sciences from Monroe, Utah. In his free time, he likes hiking, swimming, reading, and camping. Growing up his dad would take him and his brother camping in the Uinta Mountain every year.

He first became interested in geology while in high school when he took a class that focused on doing science projects with the intent to enter them into competitions. Brad was placed into the planetary science division, spending the year working with a NASA mentor and studying secondary craters on the moon. He did well in the competition, and realized he was interested in studying geology further! He is considering going into planetary or petroleum geology.

Brad's favorite thing about being a geology major is the culture. All the professors and students are "homies." He also enjoys how interactive it is, you always have things to do, and places to see.

If you are considering geology he encourages you to take a couple of classes and try it out! He has loved all of his classes and thinks you will too.