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Algae Bloom in Utah Lake Could Take Years to Clean Up

The Provo City Council is looking for ways to remove toxic algae from Utah Lake.

In a Provo City Council joint meeting with state legislators on Jan. 12, the council talked about funding and measures they are taking to get rid of the harmful algae in the water.

Rep. Keven Stratton from District 48, chair of the Water and Natural Resources Committees, is proposing a bill that will significantly reduce the population of algae in Utah Lake. “One of the things we’re going to do is propose appropriations in the $750,000 to $1 million that we have so that we can decrease the algae bloom significantly by 90% per year,” he said.

Utah Lake is famous for hosting thousands of visitors during the year, especially in the summertime. There are many different recreational activities that can be enjoyed on the lake including boating, fishing and swimming...

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