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Abby Mangum

Abby Mangum

Abby is a Masters student in the Department of Geological Sciences. She is from Springville, Utah. She loves to do “right-brain hobbies,” like crocheting, knitting, and painting in her free time!

She first became interested in geology as a little kid. She loved collecting rocks and doing experiments, and her passion for science continued into adulthood.

Abby is currently working with Dr. Carling on geo-chemistry, researching major sources of dust in Utah. They sample locations throughout Utah, such as oil, gas, and degraded fields to see if the geo-chemistry of the land affects how much dust is produced. She wants to continue studying geologic hazards including earthquakes, tsunamis, and local issues in Utah.

She thinks everyone should take geology courses because they help you appreciate the world, take you outside, and are very hands-on.