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Aaron Harris

Aaron Harris - picture

Today we’d like to introduce one of our undergraduate students here at the BYU Department of Geological Sciences. Aaron Harris is from Bentonville, Arkansas. Aaron was originally studying to be a mechanical engineer, but after seeing a poster advertising BYU’s Geology program he decided to look into it. As a kid, he loved learning about science in school, but he never saw geology as a real career option. After some research, he decided it would be fun to give geology a try, and he’s been grateful for that decision ever since.
Going out in the field and gaining real experiences has been one of his favorite parts of studying geology. Geologists go out into the world and analyze the processes that have made our world into what it is today. Arron has said, “It’s one thing to learn in a classroom setting, but it’s a truly awesome experience to see how you can apply what you’ve learned in the real world.”
After his graduation, Aaron plans on studying Geomorphology. A Geomorphologist studies the patterns of the earth’s surface in order to predict how the earth will change in the future. Geomorphology also plays a role in studying, recording, and predicting natural disasters such as Volcanos, earthquakes, and Tsunamis. By knowing the natural patterns of our planet, Arron and other geologists can help educate and prepare people and countries who are at risk, such as those who live by a volcano or Faultline.
To people contemplating a career in Geology, he has said, “Just go for it! Everything I learn is just so fascinating and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to study geology at BYU. Even with my limited time in the major, I've become obsessed with geology and I'm sure that everyone can learn to appreciate it as well.”