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Aaron Chipman

Aaron Leavitt Capture.png

For today’s student spotlight, we’d like to introduce Arron Chipman. A native of Tucson, Arizona. Aaron was originally studying Engineering but felt that it wasn’t the right major for him. After two years of looking for a major, he took Geology 101 with Professor Skinner, just for fun. But after the first day of class, he was eager to learn more and by the end of the semester, he decided to switch majors. Aaron finds Geology totally fascinating, and as a native of Arizona, he grew up around beautiful geological formations. He plans on eventually moving on to graduate school and possibly studying in Arizona. He ultimately wants to either teach geology or work for a university. When asked about what a student should do if they're interested in geology, he says, “ I would tell them that if geology is something that makes them excited, and they’ve enjoyed learning about geology in the past, then go switch now! Being a geo major is a rewarding and totally fun experience. And you get to look at beautiful rocks and learn about God’s creations. I’ve got no regrets from switching.”