• 2017 BYU Geology Homecoming Event- Field Trip

    All alumni and retired faculty/staff (plus guests) are invited to the annual Geology Homecoming field trip on Saturday, Oct. 7th @ 7:00 AM.


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    Available to all geology undergraduate and graduate students! 

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  • 2017 BYU Geology Homecoming Event- Dinner

    All alumni and retired faculty/staff (plus guest) are invited to the annual Geology Homecoming dinner!


    Wednesday, October 4th @ 6 PM in the Skyroom


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  • 2018 Hansen Scholarship

    Scholarship for Freshmen!

    To apply complete the online application  and submit high school transcripts with two letters of recommendation to the Brigham Young University Department of Geological Sciences.

    All applications are due by February 15 to the Department of Geological Sciences.


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Oct 7, 2017 BYU Geology Homecoming Event - Field Trip

Figure 20 (from the Britt 2016 Nugget Field Guide). Collecting methods. (A) Air scribes were used for the first season before we realized the bones were abundant and often closely spaced. (B) A high pressure washer with a stream nozzle was used successfully to cut to depths of over 30 cm but the cut was wide (15 mm) and rough. (C) A demolition saw is used to make the guide cuts after block locations are demarcated with timber crayons and the block numbers marked on the sandstone. We often followed pre-existing joints for the cuts. (D) A concrete chain saw with a potential cut depth of 60 cm is used to cut through up to two bonebeds simultaneously. Water to cool the chain is sourced from standard barrel equipped with a gas-powered pump. (E) Cut blocks ready to collect showing the three discreet bonebeds separated by mm-thick silty clay beds. Quarry grid lines marked in orange spray paint. (F) Grid coordinates are engraved on washers. 

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The geological sciences consist of a number of disciplines aimed at understanding the earth's origin and development and the natural processes that have operated upon it and within it from the time of the formation of the solar system.