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Volunteer Program

Have you ever dreamed of working hands-on in a laboratory or out in a dinosaur quarry? The Museum of Paleontology is looking for enthusiastic volunteers who could put their talents to good use. You don’t even have to be "fossil smart". There are dozens of talents that could be used in a variety of ways toward dinosaur paleontology: preparation of fossils, collecting fossils in the field, constructing and designing exhibits, illustration, photography, archiving, as tour guides, or dozens of other projects. Not talented? We’ll take care of that. Before long, you’ll be amazing your friends by spouting off words like "pre-zygapophyseal lamina," or names like Parasaurolophus, and you’ll recognize a dorsal vertebra from a metatarsal in no time.

Volunteering for the BYU Museum of Paleontology is a lot fun but also a lot of work, and we expect a certain commitment level from our volunteers. Before contacting us, know that we require that volunteers work at least 6 hours per week at a consistent time of day (within business hours). If you are hardcore about dinosaurs and willing to make the commitment, send an e-mail of inquiry to our museum curator at:

Dr. Rodney Scheetz