Thomas H. Morris

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801 422-3761

Research Disciplines

Petroleum GeologySedimentology & Stratigraphy


B.S. Geology, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, 1981
M.S. Geology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1983
Ph.D. Geology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1986

Professional Background

Dr. Morris' graduate research dealt with glacial-marine sedimentology/stratigraphy and isotope geochemistry of Pliocene/Pleistocene sediments in the Arctic Ocean. After completion of his Ph D. he worked as a Senior Petroleum Geologist with Exxon's Eastern Production Division in New Orleans from 1986 to 1990. Early in 1990 he joined the Department of Geological Sciences at BYU. He has mentored more than 20 MS graduate students in his tenure at BYU, and his publications include 30 works of statigraphy and sedimentology of Utah's Colorado Plateau.


Dr. Morris is committed to using the Colorado Plateau, Basin and Range, and Central Rocky Mountains that surround the BYU campus as teaching aids. Courses taught at BYU include:

  • Geology 101: Introduction to Geology
  • Geology 111: Physical Geology
  • Geology 210: Field Studies
  • Geology 370: Sedimentology & Stratigraphy
  • Geology 410: Summer Field Camp
  • Geology 525: Petroleum Systems Analysis
  • Geology 574: Advanced Stratigraphy
  • Geology 672: Sedimentary Petrology-Clastics