Eric H. Christiansen

S326 ESC

Research Disciplines

Economic GeologyGeochemistryGeomorphology & Planetary GeologyMineralogy & Petrology

Professional History:

B.S. Geology, Brigham Young University , 1977 1978

Sc.M. Planetary Geology, Brown University , 1978

Ph.D. Volcanology and Petrology, Arizona State University , 1981

Professional Background

1987 - Current          
Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
Associate Professor (1992 - present)
Associate Chair (1996 - 2002)

1982 - 1986            
University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
Assitant Professor of Geology

1981 - 1982            
U.S. Geological Survey, Branch of Isotope Geology,
Denver, Colorado National Research Council
Postdoctoral Research Associate


Geology 101: Introduction to Geology
Geology 109: Geology of the Planets
Geology 111: Physical Geology
Geology 352: Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
Geology 460: Economic Geology
Geology 552: Igneous Petrology
Geology 555: Volcanology
Geology 601: Planet Earth

*For Educational Purposes Only

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Data Sets
*Please cite this web page or the original publication as the source of these data sets

X-Ray fluorescence analysis at Brigham Young University: Precision and Accuracy (See Attachment: average_table_web.xls). Contained in this Excel spreadsheet is the analysis and estimates of precision for international reference materieals (31 elements).

Glass analysis from tephra in San Miguel Allende, Mexico (See Attachment: standards_data.xls). Contained in this Excel spreadsheet is the data used in Adams et al. (2006).

Chemical compositions of rocks from the Tintic volcanic field, central Utah. Data used in Moore et al. (2207).

Office spreadsheet icon average_table_web.xls41 KB
Office spreadsheet icon standards_data.xls26.5 KB